Interesting start to the new term

Having had three weeks without any dog activities outside of my own dogs to walk I was pleased to start the last fortnight with a weekend of TTouch workshops.

Both days brought in a good variety of dogs with only two having to be "penned" as they could be a little reactive to other dogs in close proximity.  The hall at North Petherton is large and allows for plenty of movement with the dogs and only one needed to take "time out" and get walked outside for a short while.  The variation of dog behaviours came over well with nervous, or over exuberant, or reactive, to one dog that was so well trained that he looked to his owner for every move and had almost forgotten how to behave just like a dog.  We had a very relaxed and enjoyable two days and Esther was very pleased with the outcome.

My own Obedience classes also started in the same week for the Summer term and interest has varied enormously in each of the three schools.  Dawlish has again produced the most applicants which has meant I have again had to create two Beginners classes to cater for everyone.  This is followed by two Intermediate classes of different stages, so Tuesday evenings are very busy covering all four classes - with dogs varying from Jack Russells to a lovely St Bernard (in the same class!).  I'm very pleased to have Rosie along as my assistant with all these classes as Sue invariably has other work commitments during the term.   Shobrooke has given me a class of seven new dogs for the Beginners session, followed by two Intermediate classes of different stages, again of various sorts from a little pug to a beautiful Malamute who has been with us now for a couple of years.  My daughter Kate is assisting at this school and we are, together, working towards our Kennel Club Accredited Instructors qualification.  Exeter, however, has been a huge disappointment and, despite extra advertising locally, I will be fast-tracking the one remaining dog (out of three originals) and closing the school in June.

On a more positive note my Fun Agility classes start in Dawlish this coming Monday and I'm really looking forward to this event again, spread over ten weeks.  Having had to postpone things this week lets hope the sun keeps shining for us.