Term has started

Our Spring term has started this week and we have met the owners and handlers of the dogs coming into our Beginners Classes in each of the three schools.

We have had a good response in both Dawlish and Shobrooke, with full Beginners and Intermediate classes in Dawlish and only one or two spaces in Shobrooke.  However, Exeter has a very poor showing at the moment so we are putting out more posters to encourage some more new dogs our way.

We haven't met the new dogs yet but we are aware that they vary from Jack Russell to St Bernard in size, and all variations in between, so it will be very interesting next week when the dogs all come together.

Anyone knowing a dog and its owner who could do with some help, please send them our way.  Exeter classes are on Friday nights at 6.30pm in the Sylvanian Community Hall, Stoke Hill.

Another addition to our team is my daughter, Kate King, who is coming in to help out with the Shobrooke classes and is training to become a qualified instructor herself.  As she lives in Fremington, near Barnstaple  it takes her an hour each way in the car, so she has to be keen to put up with all the road works and diversions she has already encountered!

As an extra string to my bow I have become a volunteer for Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Chard, Somerset, doing home visits to dogs in the Mid Devon area who have recently been adopted.  My first visit was way out in the sticks beyond Clayhidon and took a really good map to find a good way of getting there.  I do still prefer to read maps as I haven't got a SatNav and the little experience I have had with such things have not been good.  Thank you Girl Guides for teaching me how to read a map all those years ago!!