New term - new beginnings

We have started our dog training classes in all three places - Dawlish, Shobrooke, and Exeter, - and we have met all our new dogs.  They vary from 14 week old puppies to older rescue dogs of 6 years plus.  Some are very confident, some are very loud, and some are a little more wary of what's going on.  It's a good mix with lots of different challenges for Sue and I (Ann) as trainers to get sorted out.  We have, alongside us, our trainee instructor in Dawlish, Rosie, and a new trainee joining us in Shobrooke - Kate King.  She is initially coming into the beginners class with her own puppy Oscar to know what it feels to be on the pupil's side of lessons, and then she will be coming in to assist with classes while she does some background study to start towards her qualifications.  It's a long process but I'm sure she will enjoy it - her husband Chris has already started on a course in Barnstaple, dog grooming, and together they hope to gain skills over the next couple of years to set up their own doggy services - it's very exciting all round.

I am going into a course on "Rally" work with dogs shortly - a different form of obedience training, and I hope to bring that into the Tiverton or Bampton area.  Watch this space for more news about this new form of class work.