New terms starting

Our new obedience classes will be starting in mid September and the dates and venues are as follows:

Tuesday 15th September - The Methodist Church Hall Dawlish

Wednesday 16th September - The Village Hall, Shobrooke, Nr Crediton

Friday 18th September - Sylvanian Community Hall, Stoke Hill, Exeter

These first meeting of the beginners classes are without dogs which allows us to go through the course syllabus, give advice on any individual problems that clients may have with their dogs, and get to complete the administrative part of the induction.  The following week the dogs will all come together and then the owners will realise why we do the first class without them!  By the time we get to the fourth week usually the dogs can't wait to come in and see their new friends and clients find it difficult to pass the premises without the dogs wanting to come in.  We aim to make the experience fun for both owner and dog, but we also expect the owner to get in the practice during the week - the dogs soon let us know when they haven't had the practice they ought to have !  If you would like to bring your dog to our classes please get in touch by using the form at the end of the website and I (Ann) will get back to you as promptly as I can.


I have become part of a team in Somerset working within workshops for Tellington TTouch - a calming therapy for dogs with problems brought on by past bad experiences, or by psychological or physical problems.  Having taken my own dog through the therapy, particularly as he is epileptic and very noise-phobic, and having seen the difference it has made to him, this form of therapy is very favoured by myself.  Currently three of us are supporting the qualified TTouch Practitioner, Esther Corrick, in her work, each bringing our own dog experiences to share, and yesterday we all met for a pre-workshop training in order that we know the various duties we will be responsible for at the workshops.  It was good to meet up and get the refresher training and talk about the problems that the dogs have that will be coming to the next workshops in September (fully booked and some in reserve for April next year).  I have asked Esther to see about me getting on to a training course as an Assistant Practitioner as I would like to progress through this form of help for dogs, and bring it to some dogs we encounter in class that have individual problems.  I will keep you informed if I am accepted for the course.