End of term

The Obedience classes finished last week with Awards Evenings in each of the venues - Dawlish, Exeter, and Shobrooke.  Results were mostly good, although we did remind our clients that they have to maintain the standard they have reached by continually working with their dogs, and practicing exercises with them on a regular basis.  Adult dogs have the mental ability of a five year old child and, if not reminded as to how to behave, they will "do their own thing" very quickly and lapse into bad habits.  We hope that many of the beginners this last term will return to us in September for our Intermediate classes to continue the good work they have so far achieved.

We had a good last class with our agility team yesterday evening, making the most of the weather on the paddock at Duckaller Farm, Dawlish.  We held a light-hearted competition for the two combined classes and had some really good results.  I was impressed as to how well the dogs did, as none had had any agility experience before the ten week course, and several worked off lead with just a little help and guidance from their owners/handlers.  The idea was not for the speed of the dog, more for the precision of the work on each of the elements and they all had three turns on the circuit.  All our owners/handlers should be very proud of their performance and we hope that we can continue to have more fun with the dogs as soon as we can find an indoor venue in the area.

Thanks to Sue and Rosie for their help an support in this new venture doing "more with dogs". More things to come, I hope, in each of the areas we cover - Dawlish, Exeter, and Shobrooke near Crediton.