Agility try-outs in Teignmouth

We had a good day on the Den in Teignmouth yesterday - the sun shone in the morning but it clouded over a bit in the afternoon and the wind got up, enough to up-root several gazebos on site!

Apart from raising a bit of money for the Chordettes singing group the object of the exercise was to raise a little publicity for More with Dogs and to make people aware of the schools we run.  To that end we gave out several application forms for the Dawlish Obedience classes in September, and took names and addresses for people who would like to take part in any Agility (or Flyball) classes that we may be able to create in the future.  We are seriously looking for indoor accommodation, a barn or equine centre, that may be suitable for us to use during the winter terms to expand our ventures.  The Agility classes we held in the summer at Duckaller Farm, Dawlish were a great success and a lot of fun but, unfortunately only out of doors, which means it remains a summer venture only at that site.  If anyone knows of a venue that might meet our needs please let me know by completing the contact form at the end of the website and I will get in touch.

Thanks to all those that came and gave their support, especially to Rosie who stayed with me all day, and to Val for her enthusiasm during the morning rush!  It was good to have some of our pupils from Dawlish and Shobrooke turn up to show off their dogs too. Thank you for your all your efforts.