Agility beaten by the weather

Well, June 1st was a washout with wind and rain forcing us to cancel the agility classes for the evening.  However we shall add another Monday evening to the end of the term to make up for it and hopefully, with the forecast improving into the summer, we won't have that problem again.

We can still take people into the 6.00pm class if you want to try your dog at the fun.  Your dog should be twelve months old and in a fit condition, with vaccinations all up to date, in order to join us.  At £6 per session it's something you might consider doing with your pet just for the fun of it.  Contact us on the form at the end of the website.

1st June:  We have now closed entries for dog obedience training classes for the summer as we are half way through the term.  Application forms can be requested for the Autumn Term starting in September 2015.