Rally training

While taking obedience classes is nice and regular I am exploring different forms of dog training (to live up to the name of More with Dogs) and on Sunday 4th October I attended a training on "Rally" which is a comparatively new form of obedience training.  The session attended was the first part, working on levels 1 and 2 (there are 6 levels all together), with a follow-up training to come.  It consists of a course of, say, up to 20 signs indicating the exercises required at each point.  The initial signs obviously include such things as "sit" and "down" but there are some more complex manoeuvres such as stepping back to allow your dog to come to your front and sit in "present", or the right hand "finish" or the left hand "finish".  The exercises are based on the original competitive obedience commands but can be more fun, and more challenging in the later stages with more complex multi-tasking commands.  It looks like it could be a lot of fun although my little whippet/lurcher was not impressed by the number of times she had to sit on a hard floor!  Not her favourite thing to do.  However I will try out some of the moves in the garden where she can sit on the soft grass - even though it may be a little damp at times!