TTouch with Sarah Fisher

At the weekend I had the great experience of attending a seminar by Sarah Fisher, the leading TTouch practitioner and specialist in the country.  It was put on by Dog Trainers South West and held a bit out in the sticks in a very nice hall in Highampton, West Devon.  There were about ten dogs in the hall, several of which took part in the seminar as examples for the therapies and touches that constitute the calming, very lightweight, massages of the nervous system.  If your dog suffers from anxiety and stress in whatever situation this is certainly something to be considered - get in contact with me and I will pass on a Practitioner's contact details for you.  There are many ways to release the anxiousness from dogs - not always by "touches" - so it may be a helpful form of therapy for your dog, even just concerning thunder and fireworks, or for help with more serious traumas that your dog may have experienced, either recently or in the past.

I have also this week become a published writer - not not a book, (yet!) but an article in a freebee publication covering the Exeter area called ExeCite, covering how to keep your pet safe and happy during Christmas.  Is this to be another string to my bow??