Courses in Dawlish and Shobrooke under review

Unfortunately, we have come to the decision to discontinue the schools in Dawlish and Shobrooke. Travel for both myself and Kate is an issue, becoming more expensive and more waring on both ourselves and our vehicles. Kate’s own business has become very successful (Kings Pawfection) and therefore demanding. Kate herself has a good number of regular clients for the dog walking and pet services side, while her husband, Chris, is not only fully qualified in dog grooming but has been taken on at Petroc College, Barnstaple, teaching the subject.

I will be continuing with my work with Esther Corrick in Somerset, as part of the team at Nutley Dog Training and Behaviour (see link in Courses section) and will be taking on a new project in the new year, working with the charity Veterans with Dogs.

Thank you to all my former clients for the great experiences and teaching sessions we have shared together.

NEW FOR 2019

January 2019 has brought new life to the courses that we run, introducing Shadow Skills in both Dawlish and Shobrooke. This is a different form of obedience work, similar to the Rally Obedience but the dog has to learn to work on both sides of the handler - challenging but fun!

April has also seen a change in the developing situation, with the introduction of a working partnership with Nutley Dog Training and Behaviour, near Bridgwater, Somerset. More details of courses there can be found on their website:

Agility again

Monday 16th May saw the start of the Agility class in Duckaller Farm, Port Road, Dawlish - a lovely flat paddock - unfortunately delayed by one week because of heavy rain.  We had only one dog return for a second season but 5 other newcomers joined us - 2 from Shobrooke class, 1 from Exeter, and 2 more from the Dawlish area.  And there's a promise of another from Dawlish coming in next week and another from Exeter, which will make two very nice classes.  Lets just hope the weather will be kind to us on the next nine Monday evenings!!

Interesting start to the new term

Having had three weeks without any dog activities outside of my own dogs to walk I was pleased to start the last fortnight with a weekend of TTouch workshops.

Both days brought in a good variety of dogs with only two having to be "penned" as they could be a little reactive to other dogs in close proximity.  The hall at North Petherton is large and allows for plenty of movement with the dogs and only one needed to take "time out" and get walked outside for a short while.  The variation of dog behaviours came over well with nervous, or over exuberant, or reactive, to one dog that was so well trained that he looked to his owner for every move and had almost forgotten how to behave just like a dog.  We had a very relaxed and enjoyable two days and Esther was very pleased with the outcome.

My own Obedience classes also started in the same week for the Summer term and interest has varied enormously in each of the three schools.  Dawlish has again produced the most applicants which has meant I have again had to create two Beginners classes to cater for everyone.  This is followed by two Intermediate classes of different stages, so Tuesday evenings are very busy covering all four classes - with dogs varying from Jack Russells to a lovely St Bernard (in the same class!).  I'm very pleased to have Rosie along as my assistant with all these classes as Sue invariably has other work commitments during the term.   Shobrooke has given me a class of seven new dogs for the Beginners session, followed by two Intermediate classes of different stages, again of various sorts from a little pug to a beautiful Malamute who has been with us now for a couple of years.  My daughter Kate is assisting at this school and we are, together, working towards our Kennel Club Accredited Instructors qualification.  Exeter, however, has been a huge disappointment and, despite extra advertising locally, I will be fast-tracking the one remaining dog (out of three originals) and closing the school in June.

On a more positive note my Fun Agility classes start in Dawlish this coming Monday and I'm really looking forward to this event again, spread over ten weeks.  Having had to postpone things this week lets hope the sun keeps shining for us.

New Summer term

We are now ready to take enquiries for the new Summer term for obedience classes and the dates are as follows:

Dawlish Methodist Church Hall                Tuesday 26th April

Shobrooke Village Hall                             Wednesday 27th April

Sylvania Community Hall, Exeter             Friday 29th April

Each of the Beginners course are 12 weeks long and the charge is remaining at £60 for the term.  The Intermediate courses starts one week later at £55 for 11 weeks.  For enquiries please contact us via the Get in Touch page which will send an e-mail directly to myself (Ann).

I'm looking forward to meeting up with lots of new puppies, and older dogs, and their owners, for the new term.

Term has started

Our Spring term has started this week and we have met the owners and handlers of the dogs coming into our Beginners Classes in each of the three schools.

We have had a good response in both Dawlish and Shobrooke, with full Beginners and Intermediate classes in Dawlish and only one or two spaces in Shobrooke.  However, Exeter has a very poor showing at the moment so we are putting out more posters to encourage some more new dogs our way.

We haven't met the new dogs yet but we are aware that they vary from Jack Russell to St Bernard in size, and all variations in between, so it will be very interesting next week when the dogs all come together.

Anyone knowing a dog and its owner who could do with some help, please send them our way.  Exeter classes are on Friday nights at 6.30pm in the Sylvanian Community Hall, Stoke Hill.

Another addition to our team is my daughter, Kate King, who is coming in to help out with the Shobrooke classes and is training to become a qualified instructor herself.  As she lives in Fremington, near Barnstaple  it takes her an hour each way in the car, so she has to be keen to put up with all the road works and diversions she has already encountered!

As an extra string to my bow I have become a volunteer for Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Chard, Somerset, doing home visits to dogs in the Mid Devon area who have recently been adopted.  My first visit was way out in the sticks beyond Clayhidon and took a really good map to find a good way of getting there.  I do still prefer to read maps as I haven't got a SatNav and the little experience I have had with such things have not been good.  Thank you Girl Guides for teaching me how to read a map all those years ago!!

New Year Term details

The new term dates for January 2016 are as follows:

Tuesday 12th January 2016 - Dawlish Beginners class starting

Wednesday 13th January 2016 - Shobrooke Beginners class starting

Friday 15th January 2016 - Exeter Beginners class starting

All Intermediate classes start a week later and all will finish in the last week of March.

If you would like to join our classes please complete the form in our "Get in Touch" section, and include your address, and I will send out an application form to you in the post.  Unfortunately I have found that the form distorts when it is sent as an attachment to an email.  

We can take dogs from 12 weeks of age onwards with no upper age limit, and I am looking forward to meeting the new dogs, and encouraging the "old" ones to gain more skills in our Intermediate classes.  We train obedience in these classes but try to make it fun for both dog and owner.  Next term I am learning more of the "Rally" techniques and will introduce some of them to the more senior classes to make "obedience" more interesting.