We offer various courses as shown below

10 Week Obedience

The 10 week obedience courses in Dawlish, and Shobrooke  are currently held on a school term basis, and are structured to help the handler to practice routines with their dog while exercising, in easy to understand stages.  Currently these courses are carried out during the evening but we are looking to expand this to some morning classes, particularly for mums with youngsters at nursery or school, or for the mature person who is not keen to be out in the evening.

Individual clients

We are able to give help to individual clients with advice on feeding, exercise, and general care of the pet dog, along with help with some behavioural problems as the dogs develop from puppyhood to maturity.

Some dogs require help with socialisation, especially rehomed dogs, as they may show insecurities or lack of confidence in their new environment.  This can lead to difficult behaviour when being exercised, or when given new experiences.  Short courses, or a series of individual visits, will help alleviate the stress this can cause to the handler and their family.

Agility Skills and Rally obedience

In Dawlish we have a 10 week Agility Course held during the Summer Term.  We are looking for indoor facilities in order to expand on this during the winter months, and to introduce Flyball and other activities.  Please contact us for further details.

We are looking to expand our services with the introduction of further courses, not only in Obedience and Agility, but also in Rally Obedience and Flyball and there will be details of any of this at a later date.  Watch for adverts and news of workshops that we may be able to introduce to our programme during the year.

NEW THIS YEAR 2019 - SHADOW SKILLS, from Wag It Games - similar to Rally but more fun!!

ALSO SINCE APRIL 2019 - we are working together with Nutley Dog Training and Behaviour, near Bridgwater in Somerset and details of further courses can be found on their website www.nutleydogs.co.uk.